Our centre is open from 7:30 - 5:30 Monday to Friday. We offer full day and half day sessions with 20 free ECE hours for our over 3's with no obligation for additional bookings over and above these hours.

Please contact us to further discuss your specific booking needs for our child.

+ Ratios

The preschool is licensed for 32 over twos and maintains a teacher-child ratio of 1:10. We value play as a base for learning and offer children a variety of opportunities to lead their learning based on their self led interests. Self choice enables children to test their knowledge and theories at their own pace; Emergent curriculum offers experiences that extend and build on their interests and abilities; and mat-times, where children are introduced to a range of concepts from music and movement, games and dance, language and stories from differing cultures.

Our nursery offers a purpose built environment that responds and reflects your child’s ever changing needs. We are licensed for 10 under twos and run on a ratio of between 1:3 and 1:4. We provide a warm, caring, homely environment which strives for high quality care and for infants and toddlers based on respectful practices and the Pikler RIE philosophy.

+ Settling In

We believe that each child is unique and will settle in their own way, and in their own time. Some children settle very quickly and others require longer transition periods, we will offer both you and your child all the support you need during this transition period.

Some suggestions to help your child adjust to the new surroundings –

  • Start with a short visit, preferably staying with your child
  • Lengthen your child's visits, leaving her/him for a short while on her/his own;
  • ALWAYS SAY GOODBYE ! Let your child know you are leaving and when you will be back. Say good bye and leave - don't linger, be positive and go;
  • Feel free to ring us at any time during your childs stay if you want to know how well your child has settled. If you are unable to make calls for any reason while your child is with us, just have a chat with the teachers and we will be more than happy to send you updates and photos via text message or email.

+ Communication With Families

Our primary method of communicating with our families and whānau is via face to face converstaions, this is because we value highly the relationships that we build with you and regular discussions with you are the best way for us to maintain these. We communicate your child's learning with you via their learning journal which is updated regularly with learning stories, recognition of learning and learning summaries. We also have whiteboards, notice boards, and a Facebook page where we make regular posts throughout the week.

+ What To Bring

Please ensure your child has:

  • A bag, lunch box and drink bottle. Formula and bottles if required.
  • A change of clothes, two for hot days when we have lots of water play.
  • Nappies and wipes if required (one session 2-3 nappies, full day 4-5)
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather, messy and active play.
  • Hats (sunhat for summer, beanie for winter)

We discourage lollies and toys from home (except for comforters and transitional items that will support your child emotionally while they are away from you)

Please ensure all items, clothing and shoes are named.

+ Trips

As a way of extending the children’s interests, we may plan special trips out into the community. If we are planning any outings, you will be advised in advance and your signed permission will be required. Sometimes we will ask for a small cost to support transport needs. At times we may ask parents to assist and be part of the required adult/child ratio. Any child that does not go on the outing will be looked after by members of our team who are staying back.

+ Fees

In addition to offering up to 30 hours free, here at Papanui Preschool we are driven to provide your child with high quality care and education at rates that are affordable for our families:

2 Sessions (10 hours): $46 for under 3's and free for over 3's

4 Sessions (20 hours): $88 for under 3's and free for over 3's

6 Sessions (30 hours): $127 for under 3's and $68 for over 3's

8 Sessions (40 hours): $160 for under 3's and $88 for over 3's

10 Sessions (50 hours): $196 for under 3's and $125 for over 3's

(With our current '10 Hours Free' promotion, a minimum of 4 sessions must be booked. Therefore, if you book for 4 sessions you only pay for 2, if you book for 6 sessions you only pay for 4 and so on and so forth)