Haere mai and welcome! 

To your child's new home away from home.

*Conditions apply

Our Philosophy

To provide a small preschool in the heart of the Papanui community that ensures children receive high quality care and education.

Here at Papanui Preschool we believe that:

  • It is vital that our preschool offers a warm and welcoming environment in which all children, parents and whānau feel respected, accepted and have a sense of belonging.

  • All children are unique, and our programme will respect and reflect on the individual child’s interests, providing all children with equal opportunities to reach their full potential.

  • All children will be given support through gentle, sensitive and informed guidance. This will encourage self regulation, effective thinking and self help skills.

  • The building of relationships with the child, parents and whānau is a vital part of our family based centre. We recognise the importance of linking home and centre life as we recognise that learning begins at home and that the parents are the child’s first teacher, for this reason we invite and encourage parent/whānau participation.

  • Play is an important part of learning. We understand and support the freedom for children to explore and grow at their own pace. Our environment will reflect this and will allow for self directed learning.

  • Cultural diversity is valuable and we acknowledge the importance this has on each child and their family, acknowledging that learning begins at home.

  • When children leave Papanui they will be capable, confident and independent learners.